Career Development Plan

Career Development Plan

Emerging Model for Professional Education and Practice

The emerging model for professional education, practice and development as revealed by our cutting-edge research is presented on the right. Based on this it can be seen that a professional’s education today comprises three distinct components:

  1. Intense in-classroom education to attain firm grounding in the basis of science, principles of the profession e.g engineering fundamentals and analytical capabilities;
  2. A ‘co-op’, clinical practice, work placement or professional experience related training to fully ground theoretical knowledge gained in the classroom into  entry-to–professional practice certification/licensing and;
  3. Life-long experiential and peer-to-peer learning to keep up with the rapidly changing workplace, technology, applications and knowledge.

Your individual skills-gaps report gives you have the ability to assess what kind of skills jobs are suited to your skills and upgrading you need to cover your skills gaps in all three components of your education and to continue to advance your career.