Advanced Competencies Training

At present there is one certainty about engineering and other professions - that in the coming years these will continually evolve and change because everything else will also change. The rapid growth of technology is resulting in rapid product obsolescence.

For the engineering profession this means that training engineers to perform narrowly defined tasks as has been the case for much of the last hundred years will rapidly decrease. Driven by growth of non-traditional job markets those engineers who choose not to adapt and change to shifting markets and new technologies will soon find themselves too outdated for the modern engineering workplace.

Research is showing that at present, the half-life of an engineer’s knowledge (i.e. the time in which half of what an engineer knows is outdated) is between 2 and 5 years. Given the rapidity and magnitude of these changes means that the ways in which engineers learn, apply and gather knowledge is also changing. Training and curriculum that only aims to remain current with industrial practice while courses in the “new technology” are being provided on a continual basis will not be effective in this change-driven environment. By the time the need is identified, the courses developed, and the students trained, the new technology has already have started to become outdated.

In the future continuous learning cultures modeled on change management as an integral part of teaching and learning will be needed to help engineers to succeed in the workplace. Real-time information about emerging competency requirements is not only desirable, it is now crucial. Through revolutionary real-time analysis of job data against competencies of engineering workers an efficient engineering labor market analysing and reporting has been developed by us. By obtaining data from a significant sample of over 1200 jobs listed from March 2009 - to date and comparing these with competencies of nearly 1000 engineers from over 125 countries around the world, we have developed a cutting edge real-time curricula development process.

Our Advanced competencies training platform which is currently free for all members derives from this process.

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