Member Perks and Benefits

Your membership definitely has its advantages!

As a registered member of CAPE you and your immediate family have access to an exclusive Group Rate on your Home and Auto Insurance. Members can enjoy up to a 30% savings on their individual insurance policies.

Savings include the following coverages:

Home Insurance
House, Condo, Tenants or Cottage Coverage for what ever you cal
l home.

Auto Insurance

Protect your vehicle, motorcycle, motorhome, ATV, boat and more
At Rai Grant Insurance Brokers, we know that not all customers are the same. That’s why for over 24 years Rai Grant has offered preferred group members such as CAPE insurance coverages that come with MORE.
It’s just our way of saying thanks to those we value most.
To obtain a group rate, please contact

Vikas Ramrakha

Specializing in Personal/Business Insurance for Engineering and
Technology Clients
Telephone: (905) 475-5800 ext. 270
Cell: (416) 558-3061