Advanced Training and Workshops


At present there is one certainty about engineering and other regulated professions – that in the coming years these will continually evolve and change because everything else will also change. The rapid growth of technology will result in rapid product obsolescence. This means that the need for professionals to perform narrowly defined tasks that occupied most of them over much of the last hundred years will rapidly decrease. Driven by growth of non-traditional job markets those who choose not to adapt and change to shifting markets and new technologies will not survive.

Measuring trends in the labour market can often be a delayed and tedious process. Currently, labour market data is only available after gathering statistical information within a specific time frame. The ability to capture the changes on the ground as they happen can greatly enhance the engagement of engineers and other professionals in continual learning and knowledge update geared to change management. Our Engineers360™ Moodle and Integrated Professional Knowledge IPK360 learning platforms offer Advanced Competencies Training and Workshops based on this principle.

Advanced competencies training and workshops currently available to CAPE members include:

  • A free workshop on our Integrated Professional Knowledge (IPK360)
  • A Free Introductory Workshop on the Skills-Gap model
  • 4 workshops on Career Development for Engineering, Environment and ICT Fields
  • 5 workshops on Renewable Energy Applications and Incentives Workshops
  • 4 workshops on Communications Training for the Next Generation Professional

New workshops that will be coming soon include

  • six workshops on global engineering cultures

To learn how to access these workshops ipk360-registration